Project: Birdcage Mic Stand

September 14, 2003 - The reaction I get to this design is bewilderment.

Eckerd's Drug Store was having it's end of summer clearance. 60% OFF! There must be something to tickle my creative braincells.

I found the birdcage, with a final price of about seven dollars. With no real plan for what to do with it, I headed home to a mixed reaction from my family. See, I have a flock of semi-tame pigeons, doves, bluejays, squirrels, and other wildlife. They thought I must have some behavioral plan to have my "pets" visit the cage. They thought I went Bonkers!

A very small spark of creativity made me decide to build a microphone stand with the cage as a focal point.

I drilled out some necessary mounting and cable routing holes, then attached a surface mount female stand connector to the cage so it could attach atop a normal microphone stand.

After determining that the concept was sound and structurally stable, I spray painted the cage black (what else?) and adhered some perforated rubber matting in the bottom.

At this stage in the "artist-proof of concept" there is no threaded mic mount in the cage. Rather, I chose to use a mini-tripod with an AKG shockmount and a Sony Stereo Microphone for my testing phase. It is very stealth in appearance for interior and exterior positioning.

I have used the prototype both indoors and outdoors using a Sony MiniDisc recorder, with excellent results.

Last night was my next-door neighbor's son's 22nd birthday, and they were partying it up. I took the birdcage and minidisc recorder over, and recorded some live jamming with Steve and his drummer buddy (who remains anonymous.) The duo left the Micdoctor spellbound as they laid down some of the best riffage I have heard in a while.

Steve playing my Kramer Ferrington Bass, after the jam recording session.

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