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updated 3/24/2006


My fascination with microphones began at an early age. My Dad worked as an electronics department manager at Sears (when you could get anything at Sears, not the cheesy neo-Sears.)

A neat spiff of his job was that he would raid the dumpster and retrieve returned and scrapped stuff. Clocks, reel-to-reel decks, you name it.

I would dismantle, and repair or scavenge the carcass. During this time, I started playing with microphones and building my own amplifiers out of modules cannibalized from old units.


Ultimately this hobby became a driving force, and I got an Electrical Engineering degree from Virgina Tech.

Twists and turns in a long career resulted in a focus on multimedia and interactive media. During this time, I was introduced to eBay. Big trouble. The Micdoctor had been let out of the bag.

One of my first searches on eBay was for a Shure SM55 Elvis mic. I had always wanted one. Winning one started a frenzy of bidding over two years that has resulted in an inventory of well over 100 microphones.

From the earliest Brush ceramic element mics, up to the latest large diaphragm studio condensers and vocal mics. Some work, some are duds, some have display value-but you wouldn't want to plug them into anything. Many have been modified by others over the years.


I have been the Micdoctor for over three years now, and the experience has been beyond my expectations. I have had the opportunity to sustain the usable life of Shure 55 microphones by providing a variety of unique parts.

I have used eBay predominantly to sell, as I did when I bought. Some of these items are available in my shop, Micdoctor Mart, as well as some Micdoctor site-only exclusives.

Additionally, I offer refurbishment services, both cosmetic and electrical.

I simply do not have room in my house for my microholism. So, I am going to share with others like me, who are fascinated with design, sound, retro, modern, and beyond..

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