Micdoctor's Journal: Big Al is Al-right

August 3, 2004

Micdoctor shipped an order of refurbware and custom silk and silk/foam to "Big Al" of the band "The Moaning Lisas." I wish I would have taken pictures, it was retro-red silk from Hawaii. But I was behind and rushing to get the shipment out.

A past journal shows the swatches. Big Al even had a couple of screws loose that needed replacement.

Monday, July 26, 2004

I got the silk and repair kit and it worked great on my 55s. Two out of 3 spacers were dry rotted. I replaced all three and used the silk with foam. As far as the other silk for my pe55. What type of spray on glue would you use to get the silk to hold? Will send goodie bag soon.

Best Wishes,
Big Al

Well, most of the time when people say they are going to send something, they are full of crap. So, Micdoctor was like - yeah, and monkeys are going to fly out of my butt.

Then yesterday the mailman left a box by the front door. I knew I had some eBay crap coming in, but not yet.

I busted into the box and found that Big Al had come through. There was a "Moaning Lisas" t-shirt, autographed poster with an arrow pointing at the Shure 55 he bought parts for, and a home-brew CD of live performances.

Now this is the kind of customer Micdoctor needs more of!

Take a listen to some choice The Moaning Lisas songs.

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