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Design Project: The Racing Rostrum
June 23, 2003

This design is a culmination of a couple of years of tinkering.

It started simply enough, when I noticed that the Infinity speaker stand taking up space in my garage looked like a speaking rostrum. Tabletop style.

The first generation of prototyping was simply to paint the woodgrain stand black, attach some textured vinyl (courtesy of my son's used binder), and mounted a male microphone mount.

I tried various mic styles on it for use and display purposes, then it found its way back to the garage once again. Taking up precious shelf space.

While shopping at my local auto parts store, I spied the racing steering wheel at a very reasonable price. The brain started to go snap-crackle-pop. I didn't buy the wheel, not in budget.

On my latest trip to the local auto parts store over the weekend, I had formed a vision of the steering wheel on the rostrum. Why? No real reason. So I bought the wheel. I deserved it for doing greasemonkey work all day.

I tried various methods of attaching the wheel to the mic stand, and various microphones. Last evening I hit the combo. The mic is an Italian Paso on original gooseneck. An eBay purchase of a couple years back. I securely assembled all components, and soldered a surface mount XLR connector to the cable, which was then screwed to the back of the rostrum. It looks and sounds great!

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