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I have suspended taking on new refurb projects until I get a couple in the backlog out of the way. Please email me a micdoctor2009@gmail.com if you have a refurb/repair opportunity. Thank you. Micdoctor (09.14.09)

I have been asked many times if I would do a refurb on someone's SM 55 bought on eBay or acquired elsewhere. Having seen more than a dozen microphones that I have bought, I have had to categorize what services can be provided, at what cost, to protect myself and the microphone owner.

I used mind mapping software to develop a process flow for repairs/refurbs.

From this I determined there were several different scenarios and resulting "cases."

The stages in the process proceed in this simplified fashion:

  • Customer initiates request for quotation for services.

  • Customer agrees to rate card and sends the mic to Micdoctor.

  • Micdoctor evaluates visually and electrically and structurally.

  • Customer is advised of results of evaluation, and an offer repair estimate, if the unit is repairable.

  • Customer confirms or requests return as is. Pays exam fees and shipping.

  • Customer may be asked to sell the unit to be used as parts.

  • Customer authorizes repairs.

  • Micdoctor performs repairs and returns the mic with a report of condition.

    Detailed information is available on the rate card.

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