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Sent: Tuesday, September 16, 2003 10:05 AM
Subject: RE: replacment parts availability request


Unfortunately the original 55, 55S, 55SH, 55SW etc.. were disconitinued in 1978 and we no longer have any parts available for these older mics. These mics are generally just considered collectors items now. The only parts compatible form the current 55SH series II (reissue) are the front and rear screens but they are now charcoal in color. The part number for the front screen is 36A172 and they are available for $0.41 each. The rear foam is part number 36A173 and they are available for $0.31 each. Please call 1-800-516-2525 and dial ext 2 for our parts department if you would like to purchase these parts.

Kind Regards,
Shure Inc

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Subject: replacment parts availability request

Greetings, I collect SM 55's from all eras, usually via eBay. Many are in sorry condition after years of storage. As an electrical engineer, I like to make them look and work as best I can.

I am looking for the following:
-R55 Dynamic Cartridge
-RK32S Switch
-Silk replacement kit(s) small and large head size
-Rubber cartridge mounts
-Shure logo circular plate

-any other parts, like the transformer assembly, HML switch, and replacement screws for the front face of the body.

Thanks in advance for any assistance in availability and pricing that you could provide.

If you are interested, check out SM55 Corner on my website. There is a lot of 50's retro culture popularity in Europe, and I get many visitors asking advice as to what to do with mics they buy from US that are in need of repair.

Best Regards,
Art Graham

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