New Silks for Makeovers

Popularity forces shopping spree

September 5, 2003 - I redid my first SM55 Shure mic with silk from a scarf in my drawer. Mostly for self-amusement. Visitors who saw it in my display cabinet all commented on it and said I should do it for a living. I said "Yeah, right."

I sold that beauty, and several others since. The universally identifiable SM55 with an individual flair. The project mics were eBay buys that had rotted foam or mildewed original silk.

To get to the point, now I find myself scouring the globe, well actually the department store, for fine silks with character. I got some strange looks from the lady patrons.

I picked out three scarves, probably put as many back for not having enough character. Animal prints are popular so I got a leopard pattern and abstract animal motif. The acid rock psychedelic chicklets are experimental. I got mixed reviews from my family on that one.

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