SM55 Clone Exposed

My latest addition even caught me by surprise.

When I saw this item on eBay, I thought it might just be a licensed version of the Shure SM55, like Stromberg Carlson did (among others.)

The listing said explicitly that it was not a Shure, but rather an LM. Now that got my curiousity up. So I bid and eventually won it.

To my surprise, when I received the parcel and opened it, I was giddy as a school-child. This was an excellent condition specimen, with curious design tweaks to try and get around the trademarked design of the SM55.

The number of "vents" were different than the original, and the center bar in the front was cast into the casing, not a bar behind the grille. I always wondered why Shure didn't make them that way, anyway.

I was buying it with the intention of doing a cosmetic makeover and re-selling it, but decided that I couldn't part with it as soon as I saw it.

I had to see the "guts" right away, so I took the grille front off. The element inside in no way resembles a genuine SM55 element. It is your basic asian cylindrical dynamic capsule, mounted on a frame that fits in the headshell. It doesn't sound crappy, but not same characteristics of the original. Also curious was that the on/off switch did the opposite of what it said.

If anyone has any info on this clone, let me know via my email response form. Thank you.

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