Project: SM 55S Facelift - Spotted Style

I sold the first SM55 that I refurbished with the designer Liz Claiborne scarf adhered to a foam pop filter.

I had seller's remorse, and decided to make a replicant of the original design. Luckily I had enough fabric. I acquired the official replacement foam parts from Shure, and went to work. The mic was in very good shape for being so old, I even resisted the urge to replace the somewhat degenerating shock mounts with my own home-made ones. Nope, Shure does not sell those.

The bonding of the fabric and foam complete, I put the new pop filters in, and of course broke off one of the wires from the element to the transformer assembly. A short detour to the soldering station, where I resoldered both ends of the wire for good luck.I reassembled the microphone with no further incident.

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It turned out to be a real beauty, I even sent photos to Shure to thank them for helping me acquire foam replacement pop filters.

The specimen goes into my not-for-sale collection. Of course, everything is for sale at the right price.

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