Micdoctor Refurb Project - SM55
Started 6/27/2003

I sold my favorite display mic, the snakeskin SM55, yesterday. I was happy to see that someone saw what I did in the mic and wanted to give it a new home.

What to do next? Reach in the bin and grab out another SM55 that I bought on eBay some time ago. It had been it storage and the foam had crumbled and the metal had a dingy layer.

Game Plan

I had already dismantled it once to clear out the foam crud remains, and gave it a good polishing to remove the grunge. The photos at left were taken last night to document this stage of refurbishment. The mic is a promising candidate.

Next steps will be to dismantle, check electrical connections, and examine the rubber shock mounts that hold the mic dynamic element assembly. Then I will prepare the customized silk/foam pop filter pieces. I am going to use a different pattern silk this time to see how it turns out.

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